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Caught on Camera: Ferrari car goes up in flames, arsonist to blame

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A local man’s dream car went up in flames in an arson fire and now fire investigators are asking for help.

The incident and suspect were caught on camera.

Investigators say someone lit the car on fire and took off. The flames also burned the top and sides of the carport where it was parked.

The sound of sirens filled a Las Vegas neighborhood early Sunday morning as Brad Hager watched his car, a classic 1988 Ferrari Spider engulfed in flames.

“It was just blazing and I was concerned they wouldn’t get here in time,” he said.

Hager got a notification on his phone just before 4 a.m. that motion was detected in front of his home.

“I saw the back of the car on fire and I immediately couldn’t believe my eyes,” Hager said.

Initially, he and fire crews thought the blaze may have been an electrical fire. However, after compiling his videos with his neighbors’ it was clear that wasn’t the case.

Different video angles pieced together show it clearly. A white car pulls up, someone gets out and runs to Hager’s driveway.

Seconds later, a fireball erupts and a man runs away.

“It’s surreal to put it all together and realize somebody came here intentionally to blow his car up,” said neighbor Arman Izadi. “That’s just crazy.”

Thanks to the video evidence from concerned neighbors, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue is investigating the blaze as arson.

“This isn’t about a Ferrari getting blown up, this is about five more minutes and it could have been Brad and his entire family’s life,” Izadi said.

Part of his home is charred and his dream car is incinerated.

“Nice car. It’s certainly a shame to see it in this shape,” Hager said.

But what matter’s most for Hager is that his family is still intact.

“We can replace that, we can’t replace the lives. So, we’ll get through this part.” he said.

The Ferrari owner and neighbors believe this arson incident might be tied to an attempted burglary from last year where Hager was able to fight the suspect off.

If anyone has information about this incident, they can call Las Vegas Fire arson investigators or Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 where you can remain anonymous.

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