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Child shooting draws attention to what's needed to have secure gun safety

LAS VEGAS - A 2-year-old was still recovering from a gunshot wound in the hospital Friday. Metro Police said the child was shot Thursday by his 4-year-old brother.

The child is now in stable condition, but the incident has drawn attention to gun safety and how gun owners should store their firearms when they have children.

There are different ways gun owners can be proactive when it comes to gun safety. It's up to them and what fits their lifestyle if they choose to use them.

Marc Montgomery is a senior salesman at Nevada Safes. The Army veteran grew up in a gun-friendly household, so he knows a thing or two about being a responsible gun owner.

"As a conscientious gun owner you do not want your firearms out in the public committing crimes," Montgomery said.

A safe is good because it keeps thieves out, but it also keeps guns in and away from curious children.

Metro Police said it's investigating the shooting as accidental.  According to Montgomery, incidents like the one that happened between the two children can be easily avoided with "better instruction and better security." 

"If you have children in the home at the very least it needs to be up out of reach," Montgomery said.

At Nevada Safes gun owners will find options from a simple lock, to safes that will unlock only for programed fingerprints.

According to Montgomery, there's a safe available for every budget.  It's just up to the gun owners to figure out what type of safety measures to take.

"If an individual takes a firearm and does something stupid that they know is stupid, that is their choice," said Montgomery.  "I don't have to like it. A child doesn't have all the info; they don't know. "It's up to us to protect them and help them and give them that info. " They didn't know or respect what they were dealing with and these are the consequences."

Most companies also ship guns with some sort of lock for them. Most stores will also add locks. There are also organizations in town that give away locks for free. It's all to help promote safety. In regards to Thursday's incident.

Metro hasn't said yet if the parents will face charges. 

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