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City Planning Commission recommends banning short-term rentals in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Airbnb is in danger of being banned within the City of Las Vegas.  On Tuesday night, the City Planning Commission heard from dozens of people for and against short-term rentals before making a recommendation to make listing your home on sights like Airbnb illegal.

"My heart is with homeowners; my heart is with the people living in this community," said Donna Toussaint, planning commissioner Ward 4. "I know this is a good business opportunity for you, but my heart is with the people that bought these properties thinking they were gonna live in a community and not next to a hotel."

Commissioners went back and forth on the issue for hours.  Some agreed that there's a place for short term rentals in Las Vegas, but the amount of applications is too overwhelming.

They also pointed to the difficulty of policing so many homes. The recommendation will eventually go to the city council to be voted on.


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