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Company wants to build apartment complex near Rainbow and Blue Diamond; residents want businesses

LAS VEGAS - Nevada West development is looking to start a new project in the coming years. The company wants to build an apartment complex with about 300 units at the northwest corner of Blue Diamond and Rainbow Boulevard. 

But many neighbors in that particular area of the southwest part of the valley have concerns because they say more businesses are supposed to be built in the area.

On Wednesday, the public was able to sound off at the first official hearing for the project at the Windmill Library.

Jeffrey Peters with Concerned Citizens for Responsible Development says the group has been working with the developer, Nevada West, for over a year. 

The project initially started as a major apartment complex, but during negotiations, it added some commercial building, but it's still not what people want in the area.

"By invoking a special use permit they will allow the apartments to be built with very little commercial,"  Peters said.

Peters says the area itself is zoned for commercial. 

"I've lived here over 20 years and we knew there would be development definitely along Blue Diamond and up Rainbow and we welcome that commercial development; yes restaurants services no problem," said Dona Shatford Peters, resident.

"Within a one-mile radius we have a Dottys a marijuana dispensary a 7-Eleven with a gas station and then across the street is a Walmart," Jeffrey Peters said.  "We need affordable housing don't get me wrong but the traffic safety concerns alone off of Blue Diamond highway by in it of itself is a hazard waiting to happen."

Jeffrey Peters says we've seen this in other parts of the valley where there is the urban village or mixed-used concept to justify a lot of apartments and a little bit of commercial space, but he says this plan violates the intention of what an urban village is supposed to be.

"This particular project again is perfect but for another area, not such a busy corner," Shatford Peters said.

The law firm representing Nevada West is Kaemper Crowell.

Chip Maxfield released the following statement:

"The residential portion of the project is surrounded by over 11 acres of commercial including the project's acreage. This amounts to over 42 percent of the area established for commercial restaurant and retail buildings."

Out here live we'll just have to wait on the commissioners' decision which will take place on Dec. 5.

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