Coroner ID’s man killed in DUI crash involving sports car; driver is from Washington, D.C.

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A deadly trend has continued over the past couple of weeks as what witnesses call avoidable DUI crashes, claim multiple lives. Investigators say another fatal crash that occurred over the weekend in south-central Las Vegas, was caused by an impaired driver.

It happened at 4 a.m. near the intersection of Tropicana and Pecos.  It was just the latest in a string of recent deadly DUI’s on valley roads.

“It looked like it went into one of those scrap machines, and they crushed it,” said Louis Venet, lives near the crash site.

Investigators say 29-year-old Stanley Butler was driving impaired in a green Mclaren sportscar Sunday when he lost control and slammed into a parked Toyota Camry, killing a 39-year-old. The Clark County Coroner has identified the victim as Joshua David Badell, who died from blunt force trauma.

“It’s just a total shame; it’s a waste of life,” Venet said.  “That’s ridiculous. That is putting your life and the life of your loved ones in danger. This is a high-end racing car, and when you hit the pedal to the metal, that thing takes off.”

On Monday, parts of the car were still in the empty lot at Tropicana and Pecos, like this piece right here.  There were flowers left at the site of the crash to remember the man killed.

According to Metro Police, Butler is from Washington D.C. and rented the sport’s car.

“Someone that’s intoxicated, you’re not going to win in that scenario,” said Andrew Bennett, Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety also says regardless of where you’re from, everyone driving on valley roads needs to wake up.

“Until people make a decision as a community, as individuals, not to get behind the wheel impaired and to slow down and not speed that much on a valley roadway, we can continue to expect fatalities,” Bennett said.

Butler was arrested for DUI and reckless driving. He and his passenger are still in the hospital.

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