County issues warning to owners of rundown rental properties

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The county has a warning for the owners of rundown rental properties.

Clark County Commisioner Tick Segerblom is calling on landlords in older parts of the Las Vegas valley to bring their properties up to code and keep them well-maintained.

Segerblom laid out the consequences they could face for not meeting the county’s standards.

Monday morning, Commissioner Segerblom spoke in front of a burned and boarded-up apartment building in the Palos Verdes neighborhood. A few weeks ago, an inspection of the area found almost 200 violations including a lack of fire extinguishers, graffitti and homeless people living in nearby dumpsters.

Segerbloom says all too often property owners and landlords — who are often from out-of-state —  fail to provide basic maintenance and upkeep of their buildings. He wants to make it clear that residents deserve safe homes and clean neighborhoods.

“This is a gorgeous area. The fact that it can be this rundown and forced people to live here, is criminal really, and that’s what I’m saying,” Segerblom. “This is unacceptable in this day and age, and we’re going to do all we can as a government entity to fix it.”

He says the county has the authority to issue citations and fines and will do so every day, if they have to. They’re in the process of identifying all the problematic buildings.

There’s also a way for residents to voice their concerns. They can submit complaints to the county’s public response division. Click here for the link.

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