DEA hosts 2nd Youth Summit to educate students about dangers of opioid abuse

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Tuesday the Drug Enforcement Administration hosted its 2nd Youth Summit on opioid awareness. During the event, a thousand Clark County High School students learned about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. 

The DEA selected student-athletes, council members, and influential student leaders to attend the event at the Venetian.

Among the speakers were drug enforcement agents, doctors, and a woman named Becky Savage. Savage is a mother who shared her story on how she lost both her sons to alcohol and drug abuse.

The goal of the summit is to educate high school students about the opioid crisis by facilitating an open conversation.  According to the organizers, the more one talks about opioid safety,  the more the message spreads saving lives.

The program hopes the student ambassadors attending the event will share the knowledge in their perspective schools while continuing the dialogue of opioid dangers.

“Today is about prevention,” said Nicholas Trutanich, United States Attorney. “These kids have their whole lives in front of them, and they are going to be making  choices  in these next coming years  that are going to affect their whole lives.” 

“They’re going to learn some of the tragedies, ok. They are going to learn some of the triumphs, and then they are going to celebrate life,” said Daniel Neill, the assistant special agent of in charge drug enforcement administration.  “They are going to walk away with a challenge coin to remind these kids of the many deaths that happen every year  because of opioid abuse.” 

The students were asked to take an oath to not abuse opioids and to encourage classmates to do the same.

About 8,000 people a year die from prescription opioid drug overdoses.  Illegal opioids like fentanyl and heroin kill another 40,000 people a year.

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