Delays, cancellations at McCarran International Airport

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If you’re flying out of Las Vegas or picking up a loved one, you’ll want to check with the airline first.
There’s a significant amount of cancellations and delays at McCarran International Airport.

Many of the problems are tied to one major airline.

Southwest Airlines has declared an operational state of emergency because so many airplanes are out of service right now. Southwest says one of the main reasons is because of the weather in Las Vegas.

Before noon Thursday, the airline reported nearly 80 cancellations in Las Vegas and a total of 290 flights cancelled.

Southwest is also reporting maintenance issues with airplanes.

According to FlightAware, the total delays for Thursday are 296 and cancellations are at 331.

Las Vegas is one of five cities where the airline is experiencing major problems due to the lack of planes in operation.

8 News Now caught up with travellers on an inbound flight from North Carolina who were connecting to other flights, but tell us those flights were cancelled.

McCarran Airport flight information

They were told due to a lack of de-icing equipment here.

“Coming from a place that has to routinely de-ice planes, it sounds a little bit kind of crazy, but I wouldn’t expect anybody in the Carribean to de-ice planes either,” said Lyman Copps, flight cancelled.

“I can’t control this,” said Tori Pittman, flight cancelled. “I’m used to traveling a lot. This happens. The more you travel, you know stuff changes and you just have to learn to roll with it.”

A McCarran airport spokeswoman told 8 News Now Wednesday the airport does not have snow equipment like plows and it’s up to the individual airlines to provide de-icing for their planes.

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