Dog dies after multiple pets poisoned with meat in Lakes neighborhood

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The bond between humans and their dogs is undeniable. 

Sean Cornwall knows all too well. He has four dogs, Chewey, Reina, Leia, and Luke.

“Chewey is exactly like me,” Cornwall said proudly.

One pup is missing from Sean’s family now. “We were there when they were born so yeah, it’s tough,” an emotional Cornwall said. 

A handful of dogs have been poisoned by meat thrown into backyards of his neighborhood in The Lakes. Cornwall’s backyard is just behind a wall on Marina Cove Drive. He believes someone passed by and threw poison onto his property, intending to kill all his dogs.

Surveillance video shows the moment his dogs find and eat something hidden in a bush in his backyard Friday morning. 

“A good 20 minutes and they had it down,” Cornwall said.

In the next half hour, three of his four dogs started having seizures. Cornwall rushed the animals to the veterinarian. However, Leia died.

“She (Leia) had a brain hemorrhage and she was bleeding,” said Cornwall, fighting off tears. “Her lungs filled up with blood.”

It’s not the first time something like this happened in The Lakes neighborhood, near Fort Apache and Mariner Cove. It’s happened to Connie Robertson three times.

“Someone took a hamburger full of rat pellets, walked up the side of my incline just like they did my neighbor,” Robertson said.

The next two times, Robertson found meat packed with poisonous seeds — the same seeds veterinarians found in Leia’s stomach when she died. ”Her stomach was full of the seeds,” Cornwall explained. 

With multiple incidents in a short time frame, Cornwall and his neighbors believe it’s more than coincidence.

“Some mad man’s out there killing dogs and probably you know getting joy,” Cornwall said. 

“It really is awful to think about,” stated Roberston.

Cornwall believes someone knows something, and for the suspected poisoner, he shares a message. “I hope you pay for any lives you taken and we’re going to catch you,” he stated.

Cornwall and his neighbors are determined to catch whoever poisoned the dogs, posting flyers with information on a GoFundMe created to raise reward money. 

As Metro Police work to find the people responsible, the department is also preparing to meet with the community about the laws surrounding animal cruelty. LVMPD officers will continue the talk on animal cruelty at a ‘First Tuesday’ event.

The event will be at Metro’s Northwest Area Command at 6 p.m. 

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