Driver who crashed into bus stop killing 1, injuring 2, released from jail

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A man charged with DUI who crashed into a bus stop killing one person and injuring two others was released from jail Friday following the release of his toxicology report.

Victor Castro-Solano, 20, appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court Friday morning, one week after the deadly crash on Nellis Boulevard near Sahara Avenue.

 A toxicology test found no alcohol or narcotics in Castro-Solano‚Äôs body that night. He told police he lost control of his car and hit the bus stop. 

The judge released him with conditions. He must wear an electronic monitor, not drive a car or leave the state. He is allowed to go to his job.

It’s “big for this case to everybody else, but to us, we knew there’d be no drugs or alcohol,” said Greg Knapp, Castro-Solano’s attorney.  “He does not drink or smoke.”

Although the DUI charge will be removed, Castro-Solano could face other charges related to the accident because Michael Guild, 47, was killed in the crash.

Mace Yampolsky, an attorney, not associated with the case also weighed in on the new developments.

“People lose control of their vehicles; it doesn’t seem like he was negligent or grossly negligent. It just seems like an unfortunate situation,” Yampolsky said.  “[The fact] that they did the tox screen so quickly is a good thing.”

According to Yampolsky, this is a lesson to anyone ever wrongfully arrested or charged with DUI to always comply with taking the tests.

“If you refuse to take the test — even if you don’t have any blood, that in itself could mean you would lose your license for a year, so yeah absolutely take the test and if you don’t have anything then deal with it later,” Yampolsky said.

As far as what could have led to the crash, Castro-Solano’s attorney says they believe the clutch popped or slipped causing the car to veer out of control.  Castro-Solano’s case is not closed, and he has to appear in court again on April 11 to determine if he faces any other charges related to the deadly crash.

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