FOUNDER’S DAY: How you can help struggling families with newborns

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — KLAS-TV’s parent company, Nexstar Media, is celebrating Founder’s Day on Monday, June 17.

This year, 8 News Now will have a day of service to benefit the non-profit organization Baby’s Bounty which helps disadvantaged families bringing home a new baby.

Dozens of donated items go into the baby bundles — nearly all the necessities needed for a newborn.

 “We can help 60 babies a month,” said Kim Amato, Baby’s Bounty. “Each bundle that we distribute costs us $400, we don’t charge the agency. We don’t charge the mom.”

Dozens of social service agencies identify low-income or struggling mothers and connect them with the non-profit. The items help moms get their babies off to a safe start in life.

“We had 28 infant deaths last year due to bed sharing,” Amato said. “We want to prevent that at all costs so we started to give out these pack and plays portable cribs.”

Parenting classes are required for the program. Eligible parents receive education and supplies. Donations go out almost as quickly as they come in. All of the inventory is cleaned, sorted, labeled and packed with a personal touch. There’s a note in the bundle that says, “There’s no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a great one.”

Volunteers do most of the bundling. Baby’s Bounty secures grants and partnerships to cover costs but a bulk of the program relies on local Nevada families. 

“I don’t know these people but I care about them and I want these babies to have a good start and I hope the community feels the same way,” Amato said.

We hope you’ll join us next Monday the 17th during our one-day donation drive! KLAS-TV is collecting items — just for newborns! 

Clothing, new baby bottles, bouncy seats, play sets, portable cribs, carriers and diapers are needed. You can drop off your donations at channel 8 on Monday, June 17 from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The address for the station is 3228 Channel 8 Drive, just off Convention Center and Las Vegas Boulevard.

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