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I-Team: Man facing numerous charges for allegedly having explosive devices

LAS VEGAS - A man is behind bars after police say he was found with a collection of pipe bombs and chemicals.

There is no indication this arrest is New Year's Eve related but it may be a reminder about why everyone should remain vigilant.

Police say the man had multiple improvised explosive devices or IED's on him, along with the substance  TATP -- Triacetone Triperoxide -- which would make them extremely sensitive and explosive.

Inside his home, police found several pipe bombs, along with commercial fireworks, at least one unknown chemical, more TATP, and liquid mercury.

Metro police say Michael Diosdado claimed the fireworks were for the Fourth of July but this arrest happened 12 days ago on Dec.19.

The I-Team received his mugshot Monday, Dec. 31.

According to his arrest report, patrol officers went to stop two men who appeared to be climbing a fence near Nellis Boulevard and Monroe Avenue. Diasdado was one  of the men.

The 46-year-old man had IED's with him and claimed he bought the devices at a reservation. He set three off in the desert and said they were louder than an M-80 firework. He later referred to them as bombs, the report said.

Officers at the scene say the devices had the appearance of homemade fireworks. That was enough to get the attention of the bomb squad and the investigation expanded.

"A lot of cars, a lot of cars, undercovers, all kinds of police officers here. We still didn't know what was going on because they didn't say nothing, but the neighbors were saying something about bombs and stuff like that," said Jose Martinez, who lives in neighborhood and describes what he witnessed on the day of the incident.

Detectives say they've also uncovered a financial forgery lab in a vehicle linked to a woman Diasdado is associated with. Diosdado also owned a gun. As a three-time convicted felon, he is prohibited from doing so.

Diosdado is currently locked up at the Clark County Detention Center. His next court date is set for Jan. 9.

The arrest report makes no mention of New Year's Eve or a current threat. Detectives say Diosdado claimed he likes to make fireworks.

The I-Team reached out to Metro police for a comment due to the timing of the arrest and have not heard back.

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