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Man was shot to death by police after lunging at officer with knife

LAS VEGAS - Spurgeon Daniels was agitated, ignored commands and injured a police officer with a knife before he was shot and killed on Monday, Aug. 6., according to Metro Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly.

Police were answering a call about his welfare at the Kensington Suites on W. Bonanza Road near Tonopah Road. He had been exhibiting some odd behavior.

One officer used a taser on Daniels when it was noticed that he was concealing something in his hand. However, the taser appeared to have no impact on him. Daniels then approached officers and swung a knife, cutting an officer's hand. A taser was used again on Daniels but it had no impact.

"We are evaluating that with our CIRT Team, Critical Incident Review Team, is taking a look at that and we'll determine if that was a malfunction. Is it something we need to send back to the manufacturer to try to figure out, but we are working through that issue right now," Assistant Sheriff Kelly said.

The police body camera video shows Daniels eventually move outside of the apartment and lunge at Officer David Stockton who fired two rounds at him.

Assistant Sheriff Kelly said, they don't know if he had mental illness, but are looking for more information.

Based on his behavior, there appears, there is an issue," he said.

This was the fourth officer-involved shooting in one week. Assistant Sheriff Kelly called it a rough week for the department.

Watch the entire news conference below.

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