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NDOT reopens southbound ramp from US 95 o I-15; drivers change routine again

LAS VEGAS - Drivers who took U.S. 95 to get to the Strip corridor Wednesday may have experienced some deja vu or perhaps even missed their exit.

NDOT reopened the southbound ramp from U.S. 95 to Interstate15 after an 8-month detour. But, now it's time for some commuters to change their driving routine, once again.

Unaware that the ramp had reopened, people passed the exit to go to the detour that used to take drivers to I-15 north, but for the last month has taken drivers onto I-15 south.

But it's back to the old way of doing things now.  The exit ramp for I-15 south split off along with the MLK ramp, separating drivers from mainline traffic as they cross over Rancho.

Reporter Patrick Walker has more.

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