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Neighbor: Bellagio robbery suspect described as ‘quiet’

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A brazen criminal with no regard for his victims. That’s how Metro Police describe the man accused of robbing a casino cage and shooting a police officer during his escape.

Now, a neighbor is sharing what he saw hours before the whole thing unfolded.

Bellagio robbery suspect Michael Cohen’s neighbors can’t believe what happened on Friday.

Police said after the 49-year-old Cohen robbed the Bellagio casino cage he tried to escape from the valley area in a white car but he can’t find the keys. He then made his way to black BMW. The driver refused to let him in and that’s when things turn terrifying.

“This incident occurred on a busy Friday night at a strip hotel and involved a brazen criminal who showed no regard for his victims and was willing to use deadly force on a police officer in order to make his escape,” said Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank, LVMPD.

As police jumped into action, Cohen shoot at them hitting one officer. Another officer fired back — killing him. A bulletproof vest saved the officer.

“I’m just surprised. I’m really surprised. You never know who your neighbor is in Vegas. You know, you just never know. Wow. Wow.”

The neighbor didn’t want to be identified but he says he saw Cohen hours before the shooting.

“He was getting in his car, getting ready to go somewhere, and sometimes I have to get his attention and say hey, how you doing, but he waved back, he didn’t say anything. He usually doesn’t.”

Police believe Cohen is the same person who robbed the Bellagio back in 2017. A neighbor described him as “quiet”.

“He just didn’t give anything off, was never angry, he was just always got on his scooter, cruised the neighborhood but he would just stay to his self.”

According to police, Cohen has two felony convictions for bank robberies. One in 1999 and another in 2008.

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