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North Las Vegas man, working to keep kids on right path

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After November’s rash of recent shootings involving children in North Las Vegas, people across the city are pleading for change.

8 News NOW spoke with one man that believes crime prevention starts with community involvement. 

Lifelong Las Vegan Henry Thorns is bringing kids together with safety and support. 

“A lot of them say thank you,” Thorns said. “I can get a kid to come play sports then ask a kid to read a book.” 

Thorns makes it his mission to keep them off the street and out of trouble, with his non-profit organization “Hen Hen’s Dog Catchers Youth Foundation.”

“They got the pipeline to prison,” Thorns added. “Three years old to prison. So we start at five.”

Thorns spent the last 37 years teaching community connection with sports, mentoring and team work. 

“We get them basketball, we get them flag football, little mentor programs,” Thorns said. “It’s all about getting their respect, getting them to understand someone older than them and trying to teach them something.”

A lot of young people turn to crime when they have nothing to look forward to after school, so he works to completely change their focus and a top priority for Thorn. 

“If you don’t have no activities going on in North Las Vegas with kids,” Thorns said. “No after school programs, no recreation centers nothing for them?”

According to Thorns, November’s violence is a repeat cycle and asked for everyone’s support to put a stop to it. 

“We always say let’s help the kids, let’s help the kids,” Thorns said. “What can we do, well the kids are killing each other and we asking you guys for help. Help us help the kids.” “Something is happening right now,” he added. “Why ain’t we Nevada strong now? Where is Nevada at now?”

All so this next generation can work hard and build a brighter, safer future. 

“You all know me,” Thorns said. “I need you to step up and help me help this situation, help these kids.”

Thorns has about 45 kids participating in the program now, but they’re always looking for volunteers and donations, especially ahead of the holidays. 

If you’d like to get involved, visit their website here.

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