ONLY ON 8: Starved dog gets new lease on life

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It’s one of the worst cases of starvation a local rescue has ever seen. They believe a dog named Mercury, also known as Merc, was neglected for months but they found him just in time.

Merc has been improving little by little every day. His case was so severe, it’s going to take months before he’s at a normal weight. And while the rescue wants to know who did this to him, they have been overwhelmed with an outpouring of support from the community.  

Merc has come a long way since starting medical treatment nine days ago. The dog was skin and bones when he turned up at The Animal Foundation as a stray.

Paws On My Way Home Rescue decided to take on the challenge of bringing him back to health. Executive Director, Stephanie Gregerson, is convinced his condition is no accident.

“He was literally being starved to death by someone, by a human,” she said.

Gregerson wasn’t sure if Merc was going to make it but she knew he wanted to give it his best shot.

“Isn’t he amazing? He’s just, you can’t not want to save him.”

After emergency treatment, Merc’s health started improving. He’s now in the care of Doctor Nancy Brandt at the Natural Care Institute. She practices integrated medicine.

“He’s a one out of nine as far as body mass and so he was basically in starvation mode,” said Dr. Brandt.

She says Merc’s organs are good but she’s monitoring his body temperature and blood circulation.

“My whole goal was to warm him up and increase circulation and also start to open up the gut and have it work again cause as you starve your gut just says, ‘I can’t do this anymore,'” Dr. Brandt said.

Merc is beating the odds bringing the long-time veterinarian to tears.

The pooch can’t walk or sit for long but he has worked up quite the appetite. He used to weigh 37 pounds which is about half the normal weight for a dog his size. He’s gained four pounds and a whole lot of supporters.

Merc doesn’t know it but he has captivated the hearts of hundreds of people following his recovery online.

 “For some reason people have connected with these eyes, with this face, with his story,” Gregerson said.

The rescue is hoping someone comes forward with information on who is responsible for Merc’s condition. Remember you can report an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.

If you would like to help in Merc’s recovery, you can donate here.

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