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Police urge public to be careful with criminals

LAS VEGAS - Metro Police are warning the public how not to respond to dangerous situations.

There was an armed robbery at a business near Eastern and Reno avenues early Christmas morning. And earlier in Decemeber near Durango Drive and Deer Springs Way, there was an attempted armed robbery. The victims were fine in both cases, but police are concerned about how they reacted.

Police are using surveillance video to educate the community. In a video from a Dec. 5 attempted robbery, a man swats the suspect's gun away.

And in another surveillance video, this one from Christmas, it shows a man who police say robbed a store. The victim just turned and walked away during the incident.

Police say when it comes to confronting brazen criminals, it's better to think before you act.

"Your property can be replaced, your life can't," said Aden Ocampo Gomez, LVMPD. "And that is what we are trying to focus on when we release some of these videos is, your life is not worth $10, $20 or even $1,000, it's not worth it."

Staying safe, that's what Metro Police say should be your first priority if you find yourself face-to-face with an armed robber.

Surveillance video shows a man who robbed a convenience store near Eastern and Reno, pointing a gun at an employee.

The worker glances at the weapon and simply walks away.

"Luckily, the victim does not get hurt in this situation, but the suspect did fire a round, so we know that this weapon was loaded, we know that he had ammo in it," Ocampo Gomez said.

That's partly why police are releasing videos these videos. They want to show the community what not to do in these situations.

It's perhaps even more evident in a video from early December. An attempted robbery suspect points a gun at a man who swats it away and goes about his business like nothing even happened.

Police say there can be unintended consequences.

"If he gets spooked and pulls the trigger, momentarily and then shoots the victim, whether he wanted or not, this could have ended completely different," Ocampo Gomez said.

Police also want the videos out there so the suspects can be found.

"We are going to use our social media accounts and we will put your face out there, and we will capture you, we will find you, regardless of where you go," Ocampo Gomez said.

If you have any incidents, you are urged to contact Metro Police or CrimeStoppers.

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