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Political ads: Do they help or hinder voter morale?

LAS VEGAS - Political ads: There's no ignoring them this mid-term election. Especially, with the TV and radio ads; calls and text messages, fliers, and much more.

But here's the question: Are the ads helping or hurting voter moral?

Cori Morrison, voter: "I try to ignore most of them." 
Karen Castro, 8 News NOW Reporter: "How's that going?" 
Cori: "Not so well. I wished that once you cast -- like the phone calls would just go away."
Russ Oliver, voter: "I haven't had too many canvassers, people door-to-door. Mostly, texts are what I get and of course the endless TV advertising."    

A lot of money is being spent on voter influence.  Efforts for and against Question 3 has surpassed $100 million.

The same amount is true all together for the congressional and Senate races in Nevada.

"I think it's a gross waste of money,"  Oliver said. "I think most people made up their minds some time ago."

"That's insane, absolutely an insane amount of money for what," Morrison asked. "People are -- you know -- just put out the facts; let people make their own decision.

Analysts Alan Stock and Annette Magnus rarely see eye to eye on political issues, but during the Politics NOW Face Off segment this week, both said that they believe all the money being poured into this mid-term election is going to good use.

"I don't really think there's such a thing in Nevada as oversaturation," Magnus said. "We know that it takes voters approximately 21 times to see a message."

"With the oversaturate with the 'No on Question 3,' and I think it's influenced people definitely," Stock said. "I think '3' is going to be defeated." 

So when will all of the political ads stop? Everything ends on election day which is Nov.6.

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