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President Trump signs $147 billion bill in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - President Donald Trump left Las Vegas after an 18-hour visit that included a rally to campaign for candidates ahead of November's midterm elections and also to sign a bill to fund Veterans Affairs.

8 News Now was the only local television news station with an all-access pass to President Trump's Las Vegas visit.

"I am about to sign a bill that will fully and permanently give our great and cherished veterans choice," President Trump said.

After morning meetings, the commander in chief signed a bill to fund Veterans Affairs at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System.

"I want to thank you all for being here and just say God bless you, God bless those who serve and God bless the United States of America."

The $147 billion package congress approved last week includes money for veteran health care, military infrastructure and nuclear weapons programs.

"We are securing a better future for our citizens, we are modernizing our future," President Trump said.

He also talked about "veterans choice" which, he says, will offer more options for former military members to see private providers.

"If a veteran can't get the care they need in a timely fashion, they have the right to go to a private doctor."

To wrap up, the president thanked everyone who came together to clean up the tragic destruction from hurricane Florence.

"Our nation mourns the tragic loss of life and we are moved by how Americans have come together to rescue those in danger," he said.

Finally, he finished the event by signing the bill. He then headed to McCarran International Airport to take off aboard Air Force One for his next stop.

President Trump also said nearly $100 million of this bill's funds will go to military bases in Nevada.


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