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Son of 1 October victim starts foundation to spread acts of kindness

LAS VEGAS - Spreading random acts of kindness and helping kids in need: That's the goal of a new partnership, ten months after the deadly Las Vegas shooting that occurred on October 1.

Marcus Guillen still remembers the terror he felt on that fateful night.  His mother, Rocio, was one of 58 lives cut short in the mass shooting.

Guillen recently flew to Las Vegas from his home in California, to see a remembrance wall in honor of the victims for the first time.

Although it's been hard, Guillen's said he's found a way to begin healing.

"In honor of her name, we wanted to just do something really positive," he said.

Guillen and his brother started the Rocio Guillen Foundation: Just Breathe. Their mission is to spread kindness, which is what their mother always showed.

"We want to provide things that people don't have, but they should have," said Guille.  "And we want to go and push that positivity and get those good vibes out and just help support other people."

The Las Vegas-based group, 58 Random Acts of Kindness, has a similar mission, which is why the two groups are coming together.

"In light of everything that was going on around us, all the negativity, all the heartache, there should be joy and happiness in doing things for other people, to know that good prevails over evil," said Mary Grace Rendina, an attendee of theRoute 91 Harvest Festival.

They created a Facebook page, asking people to post their acts of kindness. They instantly saw a response.
Now, they're teaming up with Guillen during the 58 days leading up to the one-year anniversary of 1 October.

"For that 58 days we're helping them raise money," said Rendina. "We're hoping to sponsor 58 children to be able to attend sports camps through the Just Breathe Foundation.

Rocio loved sports, so they want all kids to have that chance, all while continuing to inspire random acts of kindness.

"If we actually just turn what was bad into something good, then we can all just spread positivity and just make the world a better place," said Guillen.

To learn more about how you can help the 58 Random Acts of Kindness initiative and the Rocio Guillen Foundation check the links below.

58 Random Acts of Kindness 

Rocio Guillen Foundation



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