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The Results: Municipal Election night in Clark County

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Tuesday was municipal general election day in Clark County, and a bunch of city council seats headlined the ballot.  The turnout was 6,591 of voters for a 3.60 percent turnout. 

In the City of Las Vegas, seats were up in Ward 1, which Lois Tarkanian is leaving — Ward 3, which Bob Coffin is leaving — and a special election was held for the Ward 2 seat that Steve Seroka abruptly resigned from.

Clark County Election Results

In the Las Vegas Ward 1 seat, city employee Brian Knudsen defeated Robin Munier 53 percent to 47 percent.  Munier was a liaison and special assistant to Tarkanian.

In Las Vegas Ward 2, former state Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman won the special election, beating out another former Assemblywoman, Valerie Weber, and PR executive Hilarie Grey.  Grey was support of by the Culinary Union. 

In Ward 3, Olivia Diaz knocks out Melissa Clary 51 percent to 49 percent.

In North Las Vegas, incumbent Ward 4 Councilman Richard Cherchio held on to his seat by 60 percent.  He beat out challenger Pete Shields who had 40 percent. 

Boulder City had the fullest ballot this year.  They had a mayor, two city council seats, and four questions residents were expected to vote for on the ballot.

The balance of power tipped in Boulder city as incumbent, Mayor Rod Woodbury was defeated by sitting member of the Boulder City city council, Kiernan McManus.  

McManus had 54.25 percent of the vote, while Woodbury had 45.75 percent.

The two Boulder City incumbents for city council, Peggy Leavitt and Rich Shuman, were knocked out by challengers Claudia Bridges and James Adams. Bridges is a retired university professor, and Adams is an event promoter. 

Clark County Election Results

Ballot questions 1 and 3 were to put up money for a new aquatic facility in Boulder City. Question 3 issued a $40 million bond, and Question 1 took $5 million from the cities capital improvement fund.

Question 1 was voted down with 59 percent of the votes. 

Ballot Question 4 allows off-road vehicles to drive on city streets. Question 4 was defeated 56 percent to 44 percent in favor of it.

Ballot Question 2 allows the city to refinance some of their debt. Question 2 passed 51 percent to 49 percent.

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