TipTop Child Development Center reopens; SNHD closed it over 62 health violations

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A local daycare that was shut down by the health department is back up and running. TipTop Child Development Center located on Las Vegas Boulevard South, not too far from Silverado Ranch Boulevard, had to shut its doors last week after the Southern Nevada Health District found 62 health violations. 

“Unsafe” and “unsanitary” were just a couple of words health officials used to describe conditions at TipTop. The SNHD said properly training the employees was among the top issues.   According to the health district, the long list of sanitation violations included staff changing multiple children’s diapers and not washing their hands in between changes, as well as staff not adequately cleaning off all of the surfaces.  Toys and floors throughout the child care center were also “excessively dirty.”  

Employees had to take five different classes approved by the Nevada registry, and when TipTop was reinspected Tuesday morning, it passed its inspection.

Gina Sferra, the co-owner, says it was devastating and not something she ever wanted for the center. But Sferra also says she and her staff learned a lot from the experience.

“We did some re-arranging with the help of the health department on better positioning changing tables and things like that to make access to handwashing easier and to keep the kids out of the areas they shouldn’t be,” Sferra said.

In a statement from the Southern Nevada Health District spokeswoman Jennifer Sizemore said, “Tip Top Development Center was reinspected by environmental health staff, and the closure notice was removed after it was documented the facility corrected outstanding violations.”

The TipTop Child Development Center will have more frequent health inspections over the next several months, and there will be inspections almost every week.

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