Traveling piano man uplifts people by taking his love of music and his dog on the road

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Danny Kean is the Traveling Piano Man. He and his dog “Mo” take their soft melody around town, playing from the back of a red pickup truck. 

“It’s given me a feeling of truth,” Kean said. 

Kean doesn’t accept tips, but the duo now needs some help to keep the dancing ivory keys moving around the Las Vegas valley. 

People say why don’t you collect tips,” Kean added. “I say how often in your life do you meet someone without an agenda who’s just there to give.”

Kean hopes the sweet note of each chord can heal someone’s hurt or even help the happiest people feel a sense of peace. 

“The spontaneity and synchronicity of it all; I have a sense of community here, the potential to grow a community here,” Kean said.

Kean has played his ivory instrument for decades, taking his red truck all around the world. Since he and Mo settled in Las Vegas two years ago, they take their act on the road in the valley. 

“How to change somebody’s day,” Kean said of his experience. “How to listen to somebody’s spirit, how it will make somebody feel validated.  This uplifts people.  It helps people; helps bring people together. It helps make people less afraid of each other.”

The two invite anyone in any situation to jump onto their bench and forget any troubles. 

“I’m just looking to survive,” Kean said of his community work. “But I also want to connect. People can become a part of my life so I can start sharing it with other people.”

Now as Kean continues his journey with Mo, he’s asking others for support, no matter how small. 

“Since I have no agenda attached to me they can trust my intent,” Kean said. “The truth of spirit speaks through music more than words, I believe.”

So he can still share the tune of his never-ending talent. 

“The bottom line is, don’t we just all want to get along,” Kean asked? 

Anyone who’d like to donate to ‘The Traveling Piano Fundraiser’ go here.

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