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Truck with 400 firearms stolen from Henderson parking lot

LAS VEGAS - A vehicle filled with weapons was stolen in Henderson Tuesday, according to police.  

Henderson Police said there were 400 firearms in the trailer attached to a truck when it was taken in broad daylight. 

The theft occurred at the Fiesta Casino parking lot located in the 700 block of W. Lake Mead.

8 News NOW spoke to a retired Metro detective, who says that large number of guns being transported sounds suspicious because, typically, legitimate gun stores won't accept gun shipments that large.

"They're usually smaller amounts, they have a secure delivery method from the factory and how they get their handguns, to have 400 weapons in a trailer like that, is very unusual, and in my personal opinion, suspect,” Retired LVMPD Homicide Detective Phil Ramos said.

Ramos adds that for an investigation like this, the first step would be to get as much information as possible about the guns from the owner followed by contacting other agencies like the ATF.

"If those guns were here legitimate then the documentation, the serial numbers, would be available and could be put in various systems and then track them if they start to move. If this was some kind of covert operation with these guns, there's no telling where they could be,” Ramos added. 

There weren't any other details released. This is a developing story.

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