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Tuesday’s election may be last time locals vote in odd-year municipal elections

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tuesday is election day in some of the cities in Clark County. But, the paltry early voting turnout has dampened the anticipation.  Fewer than 10 percent of all eligible voters have cast their ballots in early and absentee balloting over the last two weeks.

However, Tuesday is the last chance to make your voice count by voting in any odd-year Municipal Election. 

Why? Because the legislature passed a bill this year that would consolidate the odd-year elections in Nevada with those held in even years to elect the president of the United States of America, Congress, along with state offices. The only step left is to see if Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak will sign it.

Politics Now Co-Host Steve Sebelius has a look at one of the reasons lawmakers passed it in the first place.

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