Video of local woman getting kicked off Frontier Airlines flight goes viral

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Video of a woman getting kicked off of a Frontier Airlines flight has gone viral. According to Rosetta Swinney, airline staff wanted her to get off the flight after she complained about vomit in her daughter’s chair.

Swinney and airline staff got into an argument before she was arrested for failing to comply with airport rules, and trespassing.  Another passenger captured the altercation on a cell phone.

Metro Police say they responded to the gate on Saturday for two passengers who were refusing to get off of the plane.  Airline officials say Swinney was unsatisfied with how the staff handled the situation on-board, which led to this:

“They’re going to try and arrest me because they have throw-up on the plane,” Swinney said.  “This is not right. This is not right. All y’all see what happened on that plane. All y’all see what happened on that plane!”

Swinney’s 14-year-old daughter is heard crying in the video as she watched her mother get arrested.

Frontier Airlines is standing by its flight attendant.  A spokesperson told 8 News Now, the flight attendant apologized to Swinney after she told them about the vomit and invited her and her daughter to move so that the seating area could be cleaned.  

Once boarding was complete, Swinney would be provided other seats if they were available.

However, other passengers say Swinney was asked to clean the vomit herself, and that she wasn’t offered another seat.
Either way, everyone was forced to deplane, while Swinney and her daughter, who was later taken to Child Haven, were removed.

Metro Police say they tried to get Swinney to voluntarily leave the plane, but she didn’t. At that point, police say they don’t have many options.

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