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Woman sentenced the maximum in DUI crash that killed 8-year-old

LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas woman received a maximum sentence of 26 to 65 years in prison for a high-speed DUI crash that killed an 8-year-old boy and left his parents seriously injured. 

Emotions were raw Wednesday morning during the sentencing of Aylin Alderette, 25, who caused the Aug. 2018 crash that left Levi Echenique dead.

"Every time I think about it, I just can't control myself, said Joey Echenique, Levi's brother. "What she did was not right, at all." 

"Justice for Levi - For the love of Levi," was written on the shirts of family members who were in the Clark County District courtroom and provided powerful impact statements. 

Alderette, the driver, was speeding at 103 miles per hour when she slammed into the family's car. She sobbed loudly throughout the sentencing.

"My entire life was flipped upside down and ruined by her decision to drive," said Briejet Echenique, Levi's mother.

Alderette had pleaded guilty to one count of second degree murder and two counts of DUI for the Aug.31 crash at Harmon and Eastern avenues to avoid a trial.

Her attorney asked the judge to consider that Alderette had never been in trouble with the law and didn't set out to do this intentionally.

Several of Levi's family members testified and asked for the maximum sentence. 

"This year, I'm trying to get through the holidays without him," Briejet Echenique, Levi's mother told the judge. "He would have turned 9 years old on Saturday the 24th."

The mom said she was so severely injured that when she awoke from her injury, she thought both her boys were safe at school.

"My son was 8 and will never age another day in his life."

"Her family can still visit her," said Jose Echenique, Levi's father, "My baby boy was eight."

"I'm sorry."

The family asked the judge to set an example for the community because it could help save other lives.

"People say to forgive and forget. We chose not to forgive her. We chose to forget her," Levi's grandmother said. 

"Levi was the best little brother I could ever have. I miss my brother so much," Joey Echenique said.

He asked the judge for the maximum sentence saying that's what his brother would have wanted.

Alderette sobed the entire time during her 90-minute sentencing hearing.

"I'm so sorry for the family I hurt," Alderette said. 

Prosecutors said it's too late for apologies.

"We're done trying to teach you the error of your ways and now you're going to be punished, and if education didn't work, perhaps the fear of God will," said Eric Bauman, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Clark County.

Alderette was also ordered to pay the family restitution of $467,000.

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