Police: Details released on Anthony Wrobel's run from the law

LAS VEGAS - The disgruntled Venetian employee accused of killing one co-worker and critically injuring another when he opened fire at a company picnic is behind bars.

Casino executive Mia Banks and Hector Rodriguez were shot, police say, when Anthony Wrobel, 42, opened fire at a company picnic at Sunset Park on Sunday.

Wrobel was taken into custody 800 miles away from Las Vegas and four days after what police are calling a planned attack on two co-workers.

"As we've seen too often in this country, this awful crime because of a disgruntled employee," said Metro Police Captain Robert Plummer.

Early Thursday morning, authorities in Vega, Texas found Wrobel asleep in his car.

According to police, after the shooting, Wrobel drove to a parking garage at McCarran International Airport when he switched cars. He had left a car in the garage three days earlier. Wrobel drove that second car to Utah.

"We know the suspect stopped in Cedar City, Utah and stole a license plate off a vehicle in a neighborhood," Plummer said.

With stolen plates, police say, Wrobel made his way to Vega, Texas. The small town is just west of Amarillo. A deputy with the Oldham County Sheriff's Office spotted the vehicle at a resting area and ran the plates.

Wrobel was sleeping in the car. Deputies say he reached for a handgun on the passenger seat when they approached the vehicle but he dropped it. Two high-capacity magazines were also found in the car. Once the deputies ran his name, they realized Wrobel was wanted in Las Vegas for murder and attempted murder.

"We do not know if he had a connection to Texas. We just pushed out all the information nationwide," Plummer said.

deputy checking license plates at a car stop resting area in Vega, Texas discovered the stolen plate and called for back up.

Police don't know where Wrobel was headed. He was taken into custody without incident.

"It was a great relief knowing that this violent individual is off the streets."

Metro investigators are en route to Texas to interview Wrobel and begin the extradition process.


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