Moon Chips from Vegas Casino Mogul Sent to NASA

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- What are the odds that chips of rock from man's first visit to the moon would end up with a flamboyant Las Vegas casino owner who once had a place with a rocket ship logo, a sign declaring "Sky's the Limit" and an eatery called the Moon Rock Cafe?

A Las Vegas lawyer for the estate of Bob Stupak is finding out.

Stupak died in 2009, and attorney Richard Wright recently sent to NASA a tabletop display with four rice-sized rock chips.

Wright hopes it'll be authenticated and returned to the people of Nicaragua.

Wright's got documents showing Stupak bought the display in 1987 for $10,000 and casino stock from a Baptist missionary preacher from Arizona who said it came from a Costa Rican mercenary soldier during the Nicaraguan revolution.

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