Oakland makes last-ditch effort to keep Raiders from Vegas

LAS VEGAS - With the Raiders gazing at Las Vegas and sticking one foot out the door, Oakland is making a last-minute plea to hang on to them.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf on Friday shared details of investors' plans for the first time for a stadium on the current Coliseum site and vowed that she and the city are doing all they can to keep the team.

In a letter to the NFL, Schaaf shared new, detailed renderings of what the $1.3 billion, 55,000-seat football-only stadium would look like.

Schaaf wrote that the New York hedge fund Fortress Management Group is willing to work on terms for a $600 million contribution similar to the one Bank of America is offering for the Las Vegas stadium.

However, the Raider Nation relocation has reluctance and even resistance from one local official.  Commissioner Chris Giunkhiliani has been against the public funding nature of the project ever since the idea of the Raiders and a stadium in Las Vegas kicked off over a year ago.  She's still entrenched.

"I have no idea because I'm not on the internal gameplay," Giunchigliani said.  "But you know what, I still stand by my original problems.  If it was privately funded, fine come on down, but it's not. There's still public tax dollars.  There's still a committee that's going on.  There's still that unfunded 900 million dollars in roadway costs impacts Southern Nevada that nobody wants to talk about. There's still flaws with this," Giunchigliani continued.  "Just because you want something, doesn't mean it should be.  We need to put our men and women back to work.  The expansions are moving forward on the Convention Center.   That will put hundreds of construction workers to work, but the position has always been pay for it with private dollars."

8 News NOW has learned that the Raiders aren't returning Oakland's calls.  Chris Maathuis will be in Arizona Sunday as the owners prepare to vote Monday to approve the move back to you guys.

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