Police looking for 2 carjacking, kidnapping suspects

LAS VEGAS - Two suspects are on the loose after carjacking and kidnapping a man early Tuesday morning. Police say the man was simply showing up for work when the incident began.

A convenience store owner is sharing surveillance video he says shows the victim being dropped off at his store near Charleston and Valley View boulevards. The man was set free at the 24-7 Mini Mart. He walked inside and told the clerk he needed her phone, police said. His alleged kidnapers were still outside.

Metro Police say it started across the valley near Rainbow Boulevard and the 215 around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The suspects ambushed the victim, forcing him to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM, before dropping him off at the convenience store, police said.

Store owner Amit Sahgal says surveillance video shows the victim being released by his abductors. He says, the man first backs his car into a parking spot at the 24-7 Mini Mart and then casually walks inside.

"Things do happen but this is way too much. I'm scared for my employees and safety of my employees to be honest," Sahgal said.

One clerk and a few other customers were there as the two suspects planned their own escape in the victim's car. 

The brake lights turn on before the car then disappears in the distance.

"I'm shocked and happy that they didn't come in the store and hurt anybody," said Bobbie Pollard, 24-7 Mini Mart employee.

Pollard saw the police response and says the incident left her and her co-workers shaken up.

"The employee that was working here said that he was acting normal, at first when he came in, he just asked to buy a pack of cigarettes, he kept looking out the door and he was acting weird," Pollard said.

The owner is now afraid about the impact it could potentially have on his business.

No details about the suspects have been released at this time.


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