Project Neon entering its final stage

LAS VEGAS - The billion dollar Project Neon is now 60 percent finished but there will be one more big push through the end of the year to get it closer to completion.

The Spaghetti Bowl is about to get a bit more backed up as Project Neon’s main event kicks off in just a couple of weeks.

Transportation officials are excited to kick off the longest and most involved phase of Project Neon. Drivers -- not so much.

"I'm completely avoiding the area, I'm not going anywhere near the 15," said commuter Pamela Lily.

"I know right now I'd avoid the freeway as much as I can," said limousine driver Chuck Taylor.

Traffic on a 4-mile stretch of I-15 will be squeezed and there will be detours. The most notable — I-15 between Sahara and Washington.

Both directions will squeeze into three lanes each way and two lanes through the Spaghetti Bowl. And traffic will slither between old and new sections of the freeway.

All of this in an effort to finish building and connecting new lanes and bridges.

"We'll have 14 new bridges done, we'll have all of these new infrastructures ready to be used by the public as we get done here this November-December," said Dale Keller, NDOT senior project manager.

The lane restrictions will last some 10 months starting March 6.

And US 95 will also be impacted, including with full freeway closures during six different weekends pushing traffic onto surface streets.

"I don't know what to say about that. How are we supposed to get to the Strip, or leave town?" Lily said.

NDOT says all of this headache now will reduce traffic crashes and cut delays by 30 percent on the busiest stretch of road in the Silver State.

It's something Chuck Taylor has just learned to live with.

"I've lived in this town for 39 years, as soon as they're done with this one, they'll tear it up some other place, I mean it's just a fact, you know?"

Also, US 95 south to I-15 south will be closed and there will be a detour.


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