Properties on Las Vegas Strip switch some things up to cater to millennials

LAS VEGAS - Millenials are taking over Las Vegas: The 20 to 30 years old age bracket made up the largest age demographic of visitors last year.

With that said, millennials aren't coming to Las Vegas to gamble.

"We've been going to the clubs every day, and pool parties every day," said Saturn Inpugnet who was visiting from France.

They're choosing that over the casinos.

"Because I think gambling is really; you feel a bit lonely and it feels like you're doing it on your own," said Inpugnet. "It's a lot less social than going to a club or even going to a show with friends."

"I've never really gambled; like I don't know any games, so I think that it's pretty antisocial," said Harry Cavanaugh. visiting from England.  "Everyone who gambles loses money."

Properties along the Strip have recently rolled out different experiences millennials can enjoy, and it's starting to pay off.

"A lot of our demographic has been 20 somethings," said Bassem Dahdouh
eSports manager.

The eSports Arena inside the Luxor has been open for a few months now.  They say business is booming, and they have an idea why.

"A lot of times people just want a difference in their day and I think the alternative in this in providing a different context of entertainment value," said Dahdouh.  "Play games with a group of people or watch a full-scale production or compete."

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says in 2017, millennials made up nearly 40 percent of all visitors to Las Vegas.

It's the first time they were the largest demographic to cash in on the "millennial movement."  Caesars Entertainment introduced skills-based gaming at Planet Hollywood last year.

They're even offering plenty of activities like zip lining at the Linq Promenade.

"Historically, Las Vegas has been a gaming destination, but when you see what people have wanted to do and wanted to see, that changes over time, and so our destination is always changing to meet those needs," said Amanda Peters, spokesperson for LVCVA.

When it's all said and done, millennials need to have fun.

"The best bit of trip here so far and the reason I came is to just have a hilarious time with my four mates," Cavanaugh said.

Another big trend with millennial visitors is that they like the entertainment in Las Vegas.

The LVCVA says nearly two-thirds of millennials who visit see at least one show during their stay.

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