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Seniors in need get free ambulance ride


A special homecoming for a local man who otherwise would spend Christmas away from his family.

Community Ambulance gave away free rides to handicap seniors this holiday season.

It was a 30-minute ambulance ride from Michael Hill’s nursing home in Henderson to his family’s home in North Las Vegas. Hill suffered a stroke that has affected his mobility. Without adequate medical transportation, he cannot travel anywhere.

“Very rewarding to be part of someone’s family and give them special time with one of their loved ones because they don’t typically get to see outside of the facility,” Robby Yoon of Community Ambulance said. 

On Christmas day, Community Ambulance is donating the costly service.

Hill is coming home to a packed house of loved ones.

“So special, it’s always special when Mike can come home cause he’s not able to come that often so we really enjoy it and then I’ve been gone because of my health to other parts of the country so it’s really special when we all get a chance to get together and he very rarely gets to see all the kids,” Hill’s cousin Diana Menendez said. 

Menendez has taken care of Hill since he was a boy.

“His mother died when he was five. grandmother died when he was eight and myself and my mother took him, and I kept him until he was 43 and then he started losing his motor skills and then by that time I was sick with arthritis, that’s when I had to place him with nursing care,” Menendez said.

Hill won’t be going back to his nursing home on an empty stomach either.

“We got turkey, ham, dressing, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, rolls, corn, mixed vegetables, peas cranberry sauce and some more things. a lot of deserts,” Menendez added. 

Hill is one of three seniors getting a round trip, courtesy of Community Ambulance.

“So, it’s really special we really do appreciate it,” Menendez said. “That’s something that you just don’t get every day from people to extend themselves and do something like that for people that really need it because I wish more can do it, can go home.”

This is the ninth year that Community Ambulance is providing medical transportation to seniors in need and it’s not cheap.

An ambulance ride can cost thousands of dollars.

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