Store clerk charged with murder in shooting of teen


 A 24-year-old store clerk is facing a murder charge after a 13-year-old teen was shot and killed during an alleged attempted robbery at a smoke shop, police said.

Raad Sunna was booked into the Clark County Detention Center Monday night for the death of Fabriccio Patti.

At a news conference, Metro Lt. Dan McGrath said, the clerk was charged after the surveillance tape inside the store was viewed “no less than a dozen times, at all different angles” by several people.

The three kids entered the business and grabbed merchandise.

“There was not person who saw the video that believed that he (Sunna) was in imminent jeopardy or being threatened,” Lt. McGrath said.

Patti and two other teens are accused of attempting to rob a smoke shop on Flamingo Road and Durango on Friday, Dec. 2. The teens were wearing masks, police said. Patti was shot and died.

“This is not something that, you know, we took lightly and we didn’t have probable cause that night to arrest him and that video did give us probable cause,” McGrath said.

The other teens who are 14 and 15 years old were charged with attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary.

McGrath said those charges will likely be reduced to theft. The teens were not armed and their intent was to steal property, Lt. McGrath said.

“This should have never happened. The lives of two people, Fabriccio Patti and Raad Sunna were drastically changed by that evening,” Lt. McGrath said.

A nearby shop owner did capture surveillance video of the three teens as they entered the store and then video of the two as they ran from the store.

“It’s terrible now for that boy’s family, all of his friends, all of his schoolmates. It’s a terrible tragedy for his family. It’s a terrible tragedy for the gentleman who shot him. I mean, this has changed lives forever,” said Johneric Stensrud, owner, Rock’s 76.

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