The Mayor of Las Vegas has big plans for the city for 2018

LAS VEGAS - Revitalization, new development and expansion are in the works for Las Vegas for 2018. Mayor Carolyn Goodman has big plans for downtown in the years ahead. Much of her focus is on the area just south of the Spaghetti Bowl.

During her 2018 State of the City address, she discussed upcoming changes and potential projects in areas like Symphony Park, the World Market Center, and the residential side of downtown.

23 million visitors explored downtown Las Vegas last year. Businesses, taverns, cafes and art galleries also draw in locals but making a life downtown isn't easy. Goodman admits there is a severe lack of housing and the city estimates that around 5,500 units of housing is needed to keep up with emerging development.

Help with that demand is around the corner. Fremont 9 will be opening this year. To provide more meeting space, the city is in talks about possible trade show and convention facility expansion.

"Re-purposing the beautiful pavilions, the sails-the tents down there which I always look at and think of Sydney, Australia," said Goodman.

As for Symphony Park, a new 1,000 space parking garage will break ground this year. Goodman is encouraging investors to take a look at recently unlocked land parcels in that area that were previously tied up. "We're going to let new development come in, that's been the most important piece," she added. 

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