Tips on how to cool car down if it over heats

LAS VEGAS - The weather conditions across the Las Vegas valley are expected to be dry and hot through Saturday night.  The triple digits can really wreak havoc on vehicles because many of them can overheat, which could cause for a stressful situation.

If your vehicle overheats, that means it's likely over 220 degrees. So the best thing to do is to let it cool down. Drivers should keep coolant and a gallon of water on them.

Vito Trabucco has a 1967 Pontiac. It's currently being worked on in the auto repair shop.

"Actually, last year I had an issue with the overheating on this, so I  had a bottle of water with me just in case it overheated," Trabucco said. 

According to Mike Aronow, the owner of Sunset Auto Imports Service, overheating is an issue that brings vehicles of all makes, models, and years into his auto shop.

"There's no such thing as minor coolant leaks," Aronow said.  "Your cooling system has to be at 100 capacity in order to survive the summer's here in the desert." 

Aronow warns drivers that heat can cause excessive damage to vehicle engines. 

"When your car operates above operating temperature, outside where it's supposed to operate at, it puts a lot of stress on the transmissions, AC systems and the engine itself," Aronow said.

If your car runs hot, Aronow says it's best to shut off the AC, pull over immediately and turn the car off.  Then he says to pop the hood.

"It doesn't help cool the car down, but on the side of the road it shows somebody that you're stranded,"  Aronow said.

For those carrying coolant or water in their car, it's best to wait for a little time before adding the liquids to the engine. 

"Adding water to a cooling system when it's under pressure and hot, you can do bodily damage to yourself by trying to add it," said Aronow. "And you open this cap you'll actually have a geyser of coolant coming out of it which will burn."

Trabuco says before he drives in the heat, he takes necessary precautions which include checking the amounts of the fluids in his car.

"It's better to check before you leave the house because you don't want to be stuck in weather like this," Trabuco said.

It's also important to make sure you keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

Necessities to keep in your trunk, along with the water and coolant is a flashlight, a cell phone, a snack and a blanket.  The blanket won't only help if temperatures drop, but it also helps keep the sun off of you.


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