TV Production Program, in "What's Cool at School"

LAS VEGAS - Three years ago, local teacher Mr. Rick Taylor visited 8 News Now to observe a newscast in our studio. He wanted to take notes on what was being utilized during a professional newscast, as he hoped to build a studio to run the Television Production program at Brown Junior High in Henderson. 

He said, "I came and visited you for a little bit of inspiration, and I saw in your situation enough of what I needed to know to build mine."

And, he did just that!

With a lot of lumber and labor, his studio, and television production class, are up and running!

In TV Production class, students have a professional working environment, with three different working sets, a control room, lights, and cameras.

Students take on multiple jobs in Television Production, finding a role they can thrive in. They have gained important experience working a variety of jobs, and the experience of now having 400 broadcasts under their belt.

Students arrive early, before school, to go live broadcasting school news about book fairs, sports, dances, and stories of student success and standout teachers.

Although Mr. Taylor worked diligently to bring this studio to fruition, he passes on the praise...saying: "Who deserves the credit is every one of these kids here that come here every day....6:30 in the morning, they're the ones that deserve the credit!"

Challenges of their chosen craft are navigated, and improvement happens daily as they overcoming the hurdles of live TV.

Mr. Taylor and students are encouraged with fantastic feedback from the school community....

"Somebody just said the broadcasts are great, and it's a personal sense of accomplishment," said Mr. Taylor.

And you can't beat the sense of satisfaction, after beginning the school day with a fun and flawless newscast.

One of the student anchors, Megan Harris, said "One of the first broadcasts that we did....maybe the 5th one, it was like the perfect one, that we've ever done. It was just really cool to be in that, and wow, I did this!"

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