“Vegas Vickie” sign starts to come down

The famous -Vegas Vickie- sign starts to come down today_57667607

Work has begun on the dismantling and removal of the “Vegas Vickie” sign on Fremont Street Monday morning.

Vegas Vickie has overlooked Fremont Street for more than three decades.

She’ll be taken down to make way for a new resort casino in the space that was once occupied by the Las Vegas Club.

Many people are concerned what will happen to the Las Vegas icon.

Derek Stevens, the owner of The D Hotel and the businessman who’s pursuing the new resort says he working to find her a good home.

“Well, Vickie needs to have a little rehab. So we’re going to take her down and we’re going to spend a little time in getting her back into shape,” Stevens said.

“We have not determined the final location yet, but we’re pretty big fans of Vegas history so I know she’s going to have a great home by the time we get done.”

The Fremont Street Experience told followers on social media there’s no guaranteed Vegas Vickie will return to Fremont Street, but it is the most likely scenario.

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