ONLY ON 8: Victim's mother calls daughter's killer a "coward"

LAS VEGAS - Edward Joe Perez, 41, was arrested for the murder of Carla Boles on October 8.

Boles was visiting her friend on Ridgeview Drive near Torrey Pines Drive and Flamingo Road on October 5 when she was killed. 

"She just didn't deserve this," said Tammy Hernandez, Boles' mother. "My heart dropped."

Since then, it's been pure agony for Hernandez who sees Boles' radiant smile everywhere she looks. 

"She would do anything for anybody. That was her," Hernandez said. 

Boles leaves behind three children aged 12, 7 and 3.

"It's going to take a while for him to understand and I pray he remembers her."

According to a police report, Boles was visiting a friend when Perez, also known as "Wicked," came in. 

Perez said he felt disrespected by Boles' friend because she wouldn't let him stay with her. 

"Wicked had also previously accused Boles of being involved with law enforcement and stated that he did not like or trust Boles," the report states.

Wicked then grabbed Boles by the hair and pushed her over to the living room couch, the arrest report said.

"Held her head down, while pointing a black .357 revolver with wooden grips, at Boles head," the report states.

"He pushed her against the couch and shot her in the head," Hernandez said. 

Hernandez hopes Perez will spend the rest of his life in prison. 

"He doesn't win. We're not going to be victims," she said. "He'll never take our love for her, our faith, he can't take any of that away. All he took was her body, but the rest is still ours."

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