Warmer temps cause early punch from seasonal allergies


Allergy season may be off to an early start, and the warm weather is partially to blame.

El Nino-related weather has produced some warmer temperatures around the valley for this time of year, and this has caused plants to bloom a little earlier than normal.

Flowers in bloom, pollen in the air, and temperatures on the rise: all of these things are contributing factors to the jump-start in the valley’s allergy season.

“Last week, I saw a few. So, I think it is starting to hit,” said Dr. Troy Bertoli, Dignity Health Medical Group.

Doctors say the pollen count is the highest from 5 p.m. until 10 a.m. the next morning.

“Try to avoid it as much as you can,” Dr. Bertoli said.  “Other than that you have medicines.”

“Pollen is the biggest contributor to allergies here in Southern Nevada,” said Tanvi Patel, a UNLV Pollen Program Supervisor.

It’s Patel’s job to research what’s blowing around outside. Her team collects samples from six sites throughout the Las Vegas valley.

“We have these in different parts of town, and we can see, if you are living in North Las Vegas — maybe there is a type of tree that is being planted over there that is starting to cause a lot of allergies,” Patel said.

This technique allows those with seasonal allergies to track and prepare what’s blooming.

Even though allergy season is a pain, the beautiful weather puts things in perspective for some sufferers. 

“I am just thankful there is no snow on the ground, that’s what I am going to be thankful for and carry lots of tissue,” said Amy Wishard, suffers from allergies.

Here are some tips to combat allergies:

Take off your shoes at the door at home.  This will reduce the number of pollutants in your home.

Take a shower before bed.  This keeps you from bringing pollen or mold to bed with you.

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