Tune in each Wednesday to 8 News Now Good Day 5-7am to see “Puppy Pigskin Picks”. Adoptable dogs from the Animal Foundation will be featured picking who will be the winning team of the weeks match up, by eating from their favorite teams dog bowl! “Puppy Pigskin Picks” is sponsored by Subaru of Las Vegas.

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Puppy Pigskin Picks Record: 7-13
Week Dog Game Dog Choice Winner
Week 1 Grover Chiefs vs Chargers Chiefs Chiefs
Week 2 Pine & Dandelion Broncos vs Raiders Broncos Broncos
Week 3 Elvira Dolphins vs Raiders Raiders Dolphins
Week 4 Mimi Doplins vs Patriots Dolphins Patriots
Week 5 Luke Chargers vs Raiders Chargers Chargers
Week 6 Asia Jaguars vs Cowboys Jaguars Cowboys
Week 7 Captain Kevin Bears vs Patriots Bears Patriots
Week 8 Kailey Colts vs Raiders Raiders Colts
Week 9 Bonnie Steelers vs Ravens Steelers Steelers
Week 10 Laguna Rams vs Seahawks Seahawks Rams
Week 11 Flower Girl Broncos vs Chargers Chargers Broncos
Week 12 Quentin Bears vs Lions Bears Bears
Week 13 Butters Chiefs vs Raiders Chiefs Chiefs
Week 14 Moana Chiefs vs Ravens Ravens Chiefs
Week 15 Ms. Edna Patriots vs Steelers Patriots Steelers
Week 16 Bruno Saints vs Steelers Steelers Saints
Week 17 Bailey Raiders vs Chiefs Raiders Chiefs
Round 1 Milo Chargers vs Ravens Ravens Chargers
Round 2 Capone Chargers vs Patriots Chargers Patriots
Round 3 Tetris Patriots vs Chiefs Patriots Patriots
Coin Toss King Heads vs Tails Heads -
Big Game Flexy Rams vs Patriots Rams -