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About La Bonita Supermarkets:

In 1991, after moving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, Jaime & Sylvia Martinez founded the Las Vegas's first "Carniceria", or butcher shop. The owners, originally from Michoacan, Mexico, decided to name it after his rancher father's favorite cow, "La Bonita".

Carniceria La Bonita continued to grow along with the Las Vegas Valley and evolved into La Bonita Supermarkets. Family owned and operated, La Bonita has 5 locations across the Las Vegas valley, with their newest and biggest store opening in early 2018. Currently, La Bonita Supermarkets employs 700 people and is expected to hire another 150 more with their new store.

La Bonita


Cactus Salad

Believe it or not, cactus is not only edible, it is delicious.

  • Ingredients:

    • 4 cups diced Cactus (Nopales), cooked until tender and rinsed under cold water
      2 medium chopped red Tomatoes
      1 chopped white onion
      3 tablespoons chopped Cilantro leaves
      1 Serrano chile chopped

  • Dressing Ingredients:

    • 3 tablespoons canola Oil
      4 teaspoons white Vinegar
      1 Lime juiced
      1/2 teaspoon dried Oregano
      1/8 teaspoon Salt
      1/8 teaspoon Pepper

    • Instructions:

Place cactus (nopales) in a salad bowl.
Add tomatoes, onions, chile and cilantro.
In second bowl, whisk together olive oil, white wine vinegar, oregano, lime juice, salt and pepper
Pour dressing over cactus (nopales) mixture and toss to blend well.
Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours.


Cactus plants have been traditionally used in Mexico for the treatment of diabetes.

It is also a very great option for vegan, vegetarian or healthier eating.