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What's Driving You Crazy? - Fri., Jan. 11, 2019

Shifting focus away from the Spaghetti Bowl?

Oh, we'll never stop talking about the interchange where I-15 and US95 meet, especially since we still have a few more months of Project Neon to go. Consider this a heads-up on a big upcoming project from the Nevada Dept of Transportation in the northwest valley. As work continues on the widening of the 95 between Ann Road and Mt Charleston, NDOT's Tony Illia has let us know that there's about to tons more work done on what's referred to as the “Centennial Bowl.” that's where the 95 meets the northern 215 beltway. This weekend, the ramp from northbound US95 to the eastbound northern 215 beltway will be closed. It's scheduled to start at 8 Friday night and run until 5 monday morning. Northbounders on the 95 can get off *before* the 215 at Ann Road and go east to Jones, then up to the 215.

Eventually, there will be a flyover to the *westbound* 215 from the north 95 (instead of taking that curve-around ramp that doubles as the exit to Sky Point and Buffalo). NDOT also plans a connector from the south 95 to the east 215 northern beltway.

Buckle up, drive carefully - - and put down that phone!

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