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What's Driving You Crazy? - Wed., Jan. 16, 2019

If Project Neon is all about the I-15 between the Spaghetti Bowl and Sahara, how are closures of the freeway between Spring Mountain and Russell Road considered part of Project Neon???

When you learn the true story, we hope you will say, "ahhh. . ."

First, the facts: Wednesday, January 16, 2019: I-15. Southbound side. Shut down from Spring Mountain to Flamingo. Starts at midnight tonight. Runs until 4am Thursday. You'll be coned off to westbound Spring Mountain, then south on Valley View to Flamingo to get back on the freeway.

Then: Thursday, January 17. I-15 southbound side. Shut down from Flamingo down to Russell Road. Starts at midnight. Scheduled to run until 4am Friday. Somehow you're supposed to get off the freeway at Trop and go east to Las Vegas Blvd, then down to Russell to get back on the south 15.

So how does the freeway south of Project Neon get to be part of Project Neon? Tony Illia of NDOT explains: overhead signs installed over the next couple of nights will carry all kinds of traffic related messages that may or may not include project neon info - maybe they should also say:

Buckle up, drive carefully - - and put down that phone!

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