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What's Driving You Crazy? - Wed., Jan. 9, 2019

Will you miss them when they're gone? We're talking about Project Neon freeway closures.

The one that happens Wednesday night is small by comparison to other shutdowns, and it's not in the Spaghetti Bowl - but - a short stretch of southbound I-15 *will* be unavailable from 10pm to 4am Thursday. It's the south 15 between Sahara and Spring Mountain. Along with the freeway lanes taken away NDOT crews are also closing the I-15 on-ramps from Pinto Lane, Charleston, and Sahara. You'll be coned off before Sahara, eastbound with a quick right turn south on Industrial down to Spring Mountain to get back on the freeway.

The reason for the closures is the same one for many of the recent shutdowns: installation of overhead messaging signs.

The so-called "substantial completion" date of Project Neon is still several months away, but there have been a couple of recent noteworthy accomplishments: first, they're now over the 90% completion mark (stay calm). and, last week the nearly-billion dollar project's final bridge girder - the 422nd - was installed - all with no injuries - or as the sign says "zero people hurt."

Buckle up, drive carefully - - and put down that phone!

If there's something driving YOU crazy, send me an email: traffic8@lasvegasnow.com. Snail-mail works, too: 3228 Channel 8 Drive in Las Vegas, 89109


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